Ohmybob. Person X, the Thing is done. No, I can’t do Thing 2 this week because you forgot about it. No, really I can’t; my paying job owns all available non-sleeping time this week. Your lack of planning is not my emergency, especially this week. Ask another person on the committee.

Sigh. If this week doesn’t end in tears or another snow day (oh, yes; much more snow expected tomorrow), I will consider it successful.

I wish I was a cat today. Gigi is asleep next to me.

Also, when I am super angry, I don’t really edit my verb tenses well.

Warning: Rant Ahead

I may have just sent a terse, probably impolite, email to someone I am in a non-profit with. This email should not have been sent, but about five similar emails over the last six months were deleted.

A note about me: I don’t do well with micromanaging people. Tell me your expectations and when you want something and if I say I will do it, I will. Want an update? Ask and then chill the fuck out. If I need help, I will ask. Leave me alone so I can complete the thing.

The situation: I am a member of a women’s organization; one of the committees I chair is communication—essentially telling people when and where our next meeting will be held. This year, my committee has updated/streamlined several processes, which have been met with positive feedback.

Person X is an older woman, who is old fashioned and a bit insecure (and tends to micromanage because of it), is annoying the fuck out of me. And I sort of didn’t filter my irritation out of my email like I usually do.

Examples of the updating and dealing with X’s issues:

1) I set up an email address for the organization that is used for mass announcements. All members are in the contact list and info is updated the minute that it needs to be. This solved the issue of X sending out an email and then, in order to confirm that EVERYONE got it, requested that you reply to her message with “Got it.” For every single email that she sent. Invariably, the rest of the org. would click reply all, resulting in a hellish inability to clean out my inbox. I responded once and that’s it. If I answered once and never changed my email, there was a strong chance that I got the email. If in doubt, I also have a phone number.

2) Then there was the phone tree to let each member know when the next meeting was (in addition to having it in a yearbook) and whether or not we were going (in addition to RSVPing to the hostess). Can you guess how I felt about this inefficiency? Yeah, the committee set up an Evite account. Those who don’t have email still get a call. The group loves this—easy to view and coordinate rides. Without fail, these invites got out ten days before. X? Well, she reminds me to send them out because I have two jobs and clearly have no concept of responsibility.

Thank gods she isn’t the head of the org. this year, but she still acts like it.

The hostess for the next meeting had to change the location for good reasons and made the proper arrangements. She called me and let me know so I could put it in the Evite. I sent an email to the committee and chapter officers (who include X) as a heads up. No big deal, right?

X sent a panicky email this afternoon about the change and stating that she arranged it be held at already-arranged New Location. With a shot at me asking why I hadn’t taken care of it.


My response was short and requires a response, stating that this was taken care of as per Cited Email and asking what was unclear about that email.

Petty? Probably. Message sent to knock this behavior off? Hopefully.


What I’ve Done Since I Last Posted:

- I’ve looked at a house. Huge step. And this house is adorable; built in 1924, it has beautiful hardwood floors, architectural features, great closets, and a cute backyard and patio. And it’s within walking distance to both works. Problem? I’m not sure I’m ready for a house. I want to get my Ph.D.. which won’t be done in Current City, and I have a few other life goals that probably won’t happen if I’m house-committed. (Granted, they might not happen anyway, but I don’t want to give up on two in particular.)

- “Crazy Allergic Reactions” is another good description. Hives/blisters on my hands (latex gloves) and then my eyes swelled on Friday because I’m allergic to the polyfill I use to make knit toys. I fucking hate my body at the moment.

- There was another snow day at the beginning of the month, so my semester planning is even more shot to hell. Currently in the middle of another paper grading cycle and I’m at the When Will This Stack of Papers End stage.

- Gigi has been pretty cuddly though. She’s trying to convince me to open the windows so she can play with the birds, but has forgotten that 1) she can’t fly and 2) she’s noisy when she’s trying to sneak up on something.

How are you doing?

Aaaaaand classes are cancelled due to the weather. I’ve already lost a week due to the weather. *shakes fist in the air*

Hello, third pair of stripey socks since February! #operationsockdrawer

Hello, third pair of stripey socks since February! #operationsockdrawer

It is official: I have a contract next year and they FINALLY gave it to me! Much happiness!

I haven’t abandoned Tumblr; life has just gotten busy. I am at that point in the semester where hope is crushed under a stack of grading and entitlement excuses. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel—five weeks left in the semester.

A former supervisor died this weekend; he was too young. I didn’t know him that well, since he had a pretty hands-off management style and I ran the department for several months while we hired a supervisor. (I was in grad school and didn’t want the position full time.) My father was in the hospital on Monday and I found out after the fact (he will be fine). It’s been a week that reminds me of my own mortality and that isn’t a light subject to be mulling over. (Really, I am fine. It is just a mental-heavy week.)

I bought myself an iPad and it is beautiful and 2048, Tetris, the NYT crossword puzzle, and audiobooks are sucking my soul. And I don’t mind one bit.

I am prepping for the next round of knitting classes I am teaching, so there are samples being knit very quickly. I will post pics as I finish. (I am working on a toy elephant.)

Gigi is fine, causing trouble as usual. She kept stealing a ribbon last night so I tied it in a bow around her collar. Apparently I have failed as a Person. She looked adorable, but she was so
angry with me. But that is life with a cat, right?

Hope all is well!



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