Apparently I am too truthful when replying to “How are you?”. I’m exhausted and need more hours in a day. It’s not a contest; I’m not trying to one-up you. You asked; I answered. Get over it. /steps off of soap box

The frightening thing is that, like most of their other campaigns against women, they see themselves as just warriors fighting for what’s right. This is primarily because they firmly believe that any woman who speaks up on women’s issues is completely disingenuous and only doing it for the purposes of self-promotion, and that any man who does is looking to get laid, because they actually cannot possibly imagine a scenario in which someone would genuinely give a shit about women.
Members of this board, as well as “Men’s Rights Activists” in general, tend to go apoplectic at even the most mild implications that women might be human beings. For them, this is simply “not allowed” and must be punished swiftly and severely, as they appear to believe that feminism is the one obstacle in the way of all these pathetic neckbeards getting their pick of supermodel girlfriends who obey their every whim. The goal is to make it as uncomfortable to speak out about misogyny and women’s issues as possible, which is why they go to the wall in terms of harassing women like Emma Watson. At the end of the day, this is the crux of it. It would be sad if it weren’t so vile.

I apologize for my grumpiness.

Aaaand Very Needy Knitter was back today. She basically told Awesome Co-worker that she probably wasn’t qualified to help her. She continually yelled for me (I’m not a dog, so don’t yell my name; come up to the front and ask nicely). And then, when I wouldn’t fix her knitting for her (I’ve shown her how to fix it and she needs to do it herself, though I’m happy to check work and answer questions), threw down her work and wanted to start another project. Could I show her how to do Judy’s Magic Cast On? I can try (long tail took an hour to teach). Then it became “Can’t you just cast on for me?” No. And I won’t knit this project for you either. 

My PT job is stressing me out more than my reg. job.

It’s probably a good thing I’m not going back until Friday. 

PT Work was rough today. I’m there all weekend, so I hope tomorrow is better. 

  • Very Needy Person was there. (I’m more than happy to help people, but she takes up so much time, and I had a list + helping customers. Seriously, I helped her no less than seven times and she came in at 2:00.) I’m trying to be patient.
  • The store was awesomely busy… but it was also awesomely busy. Helping four people at once is definitely a challenge.
  • And then there was the customer who didn’t know what she needed. Well, she asked for US 8 needles for a hat. Great, I can help with that. DPNs? No, she doesn’t like DPNs even though she hadn’t used them before. What about a circular? Sure, but what’s the stitch count. *Names number too small for a 16” circ.* I ask if the pattern recommends Magic Loop. When she doesn’t know what that is, I give a 10 sec description. I ask if she brought her pattern because then I could see what the designer recommended. And I quote: “I’ll just go to Wal-Mart then.”*flounces out* Good luck to you, lady. They won’t help you there. UGH. I have to ask questions to get a better idea of what you want. Unfortunately, I am NOT clarvoiant.
  • Oh, and i realized today that some activity during open knitting on Thursday (I had stopped by to knit for an hour and spent most of the time trying to figure out WTF a designer meant in their pattern) was actually someone taking a picture of their pattern book and emailing it to Very Needy Person. 

Gigi senses my grump and won’t come near me. I should do some housework and then go to bed. 

Stopped at my LYS for an hour to knit (it’s also the one where I work part time) and Super Needy Knitter (literally takes a solid hour of my time when she comes in; cannot get away) was there. She asked for my help on something “small” (it’s never “small”). One of my knitting students said, “NerdyinPlaid isn’t working today. I’m sure Other Employees on Duty can help.” And that was that. 

I could have hugged her. And I’m not a hugger.

Bloody hell, I am exhausted. Dear self, when you are in bed, you are supposed to sleep, not calculate how exactly to change next week’s class. The cat gets the idea that you are up to party all night long. Sigh.

I may have a small Bejeweled problem. (One game, but many nights of playing.)

I may have a small Bejeweled problem. (One game, but many nights of playing.)

I’ve been at school for 12 hours. It’s been productive, but dammit, I have so much more to do.

Also, Gigi discovered bubble wrap and now has a love/hate relationship with it. I’m trying to get a picture, but *sigh* I’m being outsmarted by a cat on this.